amanda & caleb in love | reno/tahoe, nevada lifestyle photographer

Caleb is my brother – growing up we couldn’t argue enough. “Your toothbrush is in my toothbrush spot!” “Don’t touch me!” “You’re spitting wrong!” – anything that we could fight about we did. Then it started to change. I can’t quite tell you when or what it was – but we were becoming best friends. We made up our own languages, laughed at the same things, we experienced life together. He is one of the sweetest men I know. He loves with his whole being and it is infectious.  Amanda, his sweet wife and my lovely sister in love, is one of the most thoughtful, sweet, generous, crafty women I know! She makes her own cards (birthday, christmas, thinking of you… you name it- she can make it!), she sews, she has such an attention to detail. She puts others before herself and serves with a grateful heart. I love her! I love how she loves my brother, and I love how they love the Lord.

When D and I went home earlier this year, I was lucky enough to be able to capture their beautiful love! Here it is, sweet, pure, love.

Caleb really wanted to try this shot out – he got some good air!

I love these next few images – perfectly describes them – always laughing. Caleb takes after my dad as the Joke-king.

I had asked Caleb to close the door – and this is how he did it.

That is ice that he is standing on – it broke moments later (he was safe though).

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