On the Road Again


As you may know, my D is in the Army, so a lot of our decisions are based off of his job. Last year we moved to Georgia so that D could attend WOBC on the post out here and the school is nearing it’s end. Our time here in Georgia has been amazing! I have been so blessed by the people we have met and the opportunities God has blessed us with! It is hard to believe that these past 9 months have gone by already! It feels like just yesterday that we packed up the u-haul and headed out the door! But here it is, that time again… at the end of next month we will be on the road again.

Where are we going to next??

Green Anchor Photo is moving to CARSON CITY, NV!

We are so excited for this move, and to see what God has in store for us.

There is much left still to be done, so please bare with me as I might not have my head screwed on just right for the next month and a half or so! :)

I do have some blogs coming up though, so be sure to keep checking back! :)

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