March Goals

March Goals

-12 in 12: I am behind, because I tried to get ahead and read multiple books, so I will be finishing two of the ones I started (Lineage of Grace and To the Nines)
-Plan out our route and hotels/stops for the nights
-Pack the house
-Look up houses & possibly schedule times to look at them

I can’t believe this month is already here! It feels like it was just the other day that we were moving in and here we are moving out!! February, the month of love, was awesome and full of visits with family, trips to thrift stores, and lots and lots of baking. My valentine’s day was sweet with a quiet dinner date with my man where we laughed the whole time! This rose was from my sweet valentine this past month!

One of my goals from last month was to try 3 new healthier recipes, so I chose to try some classics but with a healthy twist – low carb. It was a challenge because I am such a picky eater, but I have to say, overall it was a good turn out and I am excited to continue on with more low carb choices. Here are the three -new- low carb meals we made this past month.

The first was Cauliflower Crust Pizzas – this was such a huge hit we made it a couple times! It was easy to make and even a little fun to get my hands dirty while making the crust. I highly recommend this low carb version of the pizza!

The second recipe was a low carb Zucchini Lasagna. This was VERY hard for me to make – not because the recipe is hard to make, but because I really really don’t like zucchini! So while I stood at the counter, holding my breath, cutting and seasoning the zucchini, I prayed. “Dear Jesus, please change my taste buds! I am committed to this lifestyle change of healthy eating and exercising- but as I prepare this meal all I can think of is “I just can’t like zucchini!” So if you could supernaturally give me taste buds that like zucchini- that would be awesome! It’s in your name that I ask this!! Amen!” and guess what!!! I liked it!!! It really wasn’t bad!! So if you are looking for a low carb solution to lasagna, this is it! (And this is coming from a super picky non zucchini liking gal!)

One of my favorite things to have for dinner is breakfast! So a Banana-Egg Protein Pancake recipe was our third healthy meal. This was a little different than I was expecting. It was definitely not the same as your typical fluffy pancakes, these were hearty and thick. I did have to add a little bit more protein powder and I even added a little bit of gluten-free flour because the batter was too runny and the first pancake I made was not much of a pancake.

Have you tried any new recipes lately? Did you make your goals this month? Leave me a comment with a link to your goals or your favorite healthy recipe or both!! :)

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  • Kristin - Love these goals! I do the same thing if I try to read multiple books at one time…so I have to make myself only do one at a time!ReplyCancel