May Goals

This month has been a whirlwind! We made it to Carson City and I am still working on getting settled in the house. The image above is from a little family afternoon drive around Lake Tahoe the week we got into town. It is so pretty up there, I am already so excited for all the trips we will be taking! And it is such a short drive from our house. It took us a little longer to find a house than we thought it would- so we do still have a few boxes left to unpack and a couple rooms that still need to be organized, but it is coming along. However, right now I am not home in Carson City- I am back on the east coast to witness and document home life and the births of my first nieces and/or nephews – I am so beyond words, this experience is unlike anything else in this great world. These little fingers and toes are such miracles and to be able to experience such a thing just takes me breath away. Because we can’t know the exact date that the little precious bundles of joy will join us, I will be here (the east coast) for a few weeks, and so my goals for this month are again, going to be very limited.

May Goals

-Start working on birth edits
-Write & post 3 blogs
-Work on unpacking/organizing

These past few months have been full, stressful, and a bit overwhelming and I just want to thank you for being patient with me. I have lots of good stuff to come! So keep looking out!!

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