June Goals


Wow! June already!!?? I can’t believe that the year is half over already! Time has sure flown by for me this year. Goal wise this year- I have not done well… I’ve made my goals and I have tried to be very honest at what I feel that I can accomplish knowing what my months look like… However, and it pains me to say this, I have not been able to cross a lot off my lists each month. But! I have been faithful in setting goals and blogging them on the first each month! I mark this to be a big success for me- because I have found myself setting weekly/daily goals (ie. laundry, dishes, mail…etc) and before this year I really didn’t set goals or even care to!
I did complete two out of my three goals for last month. And while I am sad that I could cross all three off- it is ok that I couldn’t cross this specific one off. My goals for last month were:
-Start working on birth edits – this one is completed. One birth is completely done and the second is about half way!
-Work on unpacking/organizing – check!! yay! all but a couple boxes are unpacked (aside from a few with things we don’t know what to do with it yet) and most of the rooms are all organized!
-Write & post 3 blogs – this one I didn’t complete. And the reason I am ok with that- is because- as you know I was away from the office (and home) for a month and while I had access to my computer and the Internet- I spent all of my time with family- on real life! And while I wasn’t completely unconnected – it felt nice to be able to just enjoy the time with my family and document life!

Real life > the Internet
Real life > social media
Real life > tv
I am home though, and finally getting settled in and ready to jump into a routine! In the close of my May- I have been challenged and inspired- and I’m about to get real with life, and real with you! I’m going to be sharing more, and loving more, and doing more! I also want to say thank you to a couple of ladies (whom I won’t name- but I hope they know who they are) that maybe even without knowing it- totally challenged me and inspired me… THANK YOU!! I can’t tell you how much you mean to me! So watch out June because here I come!

June Goals

-find a weight watchers meeting location and join (see I told you I was getting real with life. Acknowledging I need to change and sharing it with the world are two totally different things and it is scary as all get out to put this here for all to see- but I need to change and I need accountability!)
-finish editing the birth images
-blog 3 times
-sign up with a wedding advertising blog/website
-celebrate my sweet D’s birthday!

Ok. So I just got vulnerable and shared a huge failure of mine- but I did so, so that I could be held accountable. I challenge you today- get vulnerable, get real with life and choose to do something that scares you! You can do it!! For you, what is REAL LIFE greater than!?

If you are ready to get real with life or if you’ve set goals for yourself this month I’d love to see! Share them with me below!

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