Birthday Hike

I took my sweet D out for a hike up to Eagle Lake for his birthday! It was an overcast cool day, it even sprinkled on our way up the mountain. The hike was quiet – we saw just a handful of people the whole day, and it was perfect!

I sure do love this man! And I LOVE his scruffy profile!During the drive, I couldn’t pry my eyes from the grey sky and the hope of rain, when all of a sudden Derek braked and pointed out the front window, and there in front of us just a few feet, was this cute fluffy bear! I told Derek that I could tell that the bear wanted a hug… (in case you didn’t know, I want to hug every animal) but he was in a hurry to get home to his cubs (in case you didn’t know, I like to make up stories of the lives of cute animals). Because of my fixation on the sky and prettiness around me, I wasn’t prepared with my camera, and could only snap one blurry shot of his cute furry rump.

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  • Jessica Magee - Oooh I love this post. I love the SCENERY! I wish we had that in Alabama! I’d also kill for 70 degree summers instead of 115! I also love that you want to hug every animal and make up cute backstories for them. :DReplyCancel