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Home life is: pajamas, cuddling, laughing, sharing, and loving. Home life is real life. Real life is better. This is real life at the Frazier’s as they wait for their lives to change. They chose to wait to find out the sex of their baby, so the last week before sweet Baby Frazier was born was full of anticipation and wonder as we all waited to find out who was in mommy’s tummy. Not only were they awaiting the arrival of their first baby, they were waiting for the date, the date that they didn’t want to come. The date of their first deployment. It was set for just a couple short days after their first born’s birth. My heart breaks! I know deployment. I know missing, I know waiting… but not like this. If you are reading this, please take a moment and say a prayer for this sweet family. Daddy has to leave just a couple days after his brand new first baby is born and mommy has to miss him and carry on life while he is away. Pray for peace, for them to grow closer to God during this time away, and to grow closer as a family!

Thank you God for all the blessings you put in our lives. This is one of the hardest things that this family will face, your timing is perfect, even when we don’t understand it, when we wish with everything that we have that we could change it, we trust that your timing is perfect. Father, I ask that you put your hand on this family’s heart, give them your peace Lord, your peace that passes all understanding. Lift them up when they are missing each other so bad that it hurts, let them feel close to one another and so incredibly loved! Thank you for Caleb & Amanda and the blessing they have been in my life! Bless them tenfold!! In your name, Amen!

Caleb & Amanda, I love you both so much and I am sooo blessed to have you in my life!!

Baby’s room. So sweet!All through out their relationship, Caleb has drawn pictures in the computer program ‘Paint’ for Amanda, this is one of them. They framed it and put it in Baby’s room!
Their nightly routine. Every day (give or take a few) Caleb would take a picture of Amanda (and sometimes Tuxie *their pup* made an appearance) and after the Baby was born they made a video out of it.

Tuxie Loves looking out the window, it is one of her favorite past times.Sweet sweet real life you are greater!
Another one of Tuxie’s favorite past times, naps with dad.Timing contractions.Sweet Tux.Packing the last of his bags. I got to help. In case you didn’t already know, Caleb is my brother and this was a very special and emotional thing for me, to help him pack these bags.Caleb’s (and my) parents arrived to meet their first grandchild. They had planned on arriving after the birth, but as we know God’s timing is perfect, and Baby needed a little more time inside mommy’s tummy. So when they arrived, they were able to see Amanda pregnant, and feel the baby kick!Oh these next few images!

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  • Bobbi Stump - What a wonderful story you told and great pictures….I have tears in my eyes for the sadness the family has to feel but also for joy…what a wonderful gift all you have been given…You are so gifted…I love everything you show about your life…Thank you for sharing this awesome time with all of us…ReplyCancel

  • Aaron - Thanks for doing what God has anointed and called you to do Aub! I cried as I read and saw the pics of Caleb packing to deploy and of him in his uniform. Your prayer at the beginning was exactly what need to be prayed. I love you Sis!!!ReplyCancel