August Goals

More than half way through the year already!! Time sure does fly!! I wanted to take a minute to go over 2013 goals and see where I am for the year! So let’s review!! You can also see my updates on my 101 in 1001 here.

My 2013 goals:

-12 in 12 – I have heard the name before from others and I love the idea! One book in one month – very doable.
-Be more organized
-Drink more water
-Exercise more/eat less
-Meal plan weekly (even for days that I know we won’t be at home – I would like to still have a plan on what that night will look like)
-Wake up earlier, go to bed earlier
-Write in my Q&A a day journal
-Keep in touch with family and friends better – with handwritten letters and birthday/anniversary cards
-Less TV and more quality time
-Be intentional in documenting my own life and memories

Of those, I have –

Become more organized (and gotten rid of a lot of clutter and things we don’t need/use anymore)
Drank more water
Exercised more/ate less
Meal plan – most weeks
I am waking up earlier (and sometimes I go to bed earlier)
I am current on my Q&A a day journal
I have handwritten multiple letters and birthday cards to friends and family!
We have definitely spent more quality time!

I have not read many books – with the move earlier this year and my trip back east – I got off track and have not picked it back up. I also have not been as intentional as I want, in documenting my own life and memories.

In July I completed all my goals!

I culled and edited a few more than 3 weddings and blogged not 3 times but 9 times! I painted my nails every week!! Currently I am letting them breathe and I have to say it feels good, as much as I love having them painted, it feels clean to have no polish on!  Our backyard is (for the most part) weed free and especially our garden!! We haven’t planted anything new yet though, because we still need to do some research on what time of year is best to grow what vegetables.. but we do have a tomato plant that has thrived the mass of weeds that grew back there and chive/purple onions are growing back there! We used a couple of the onions this past week with our meals and oh man was it delicious!!! I can’t wait to grow more things!!
I am now a member of My Wedding Library‘s vendor directory! I am also a member of Rustic Wedding Guide’s vendor directory!!


August is here and I for one am very excited about this month because…. it is my BIRTHDAY month!!! I will be 27 this year… I have claimed it as my golden birthday (even though it is not). Ever since I can remember, 27 has been my favorite number so I am ready to take this year on!! However, from now on – every birthday I have, I’ll be turning 27.

I have been doing really well with Weight Watchers ya’ll! (Yay for that June goal!) I am down a total of 15.6 lbs so far it’s been an average of 2 lbs per week… And just this past month I started doing the couch to 5k training program to prepare for the Color Me Rad 5k that D and I are running in September!


August Goals

-Celebrate my birthday!!!
-Blog weekly
-Clean the office
-Continue my cto5k training

Not a big list, but I’m ready to tackle August!! What are your goals for this month!? Share them (or a link to them) with me in the comments!!

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  • Bobbi Stump - My current goals are to weed the garden…It is petty much under control but I have to weed a lot still…Clean out my office and go through all my old clothes and decide what I want and don’t want….I also need to start thinking about Christmas…I already plan all my meals…sometimes for a whole month…depends on how full the freezers are…I love reading your goals and Happy Early Birthday…And Congrads on your weight loss…ReplyCancel

    • Aubrey - Those are awesome goals and thank you!! :)ReplyCancel

  • Lauren - You have been blogging more! Love it. CONGRATS on the weight loss, I’m really proud of you. And I’m proud that you completed all your goals for the month of July.

    Not quite sure what my August goals are as we’re in this transition phase of life…I might come up with some later though.ReplyCancel

    • Aubrey - I have and I am really enjoying it! Thank you!!! It’s been a life long journey these ups and downs, but I’m believing that this is a life long healthy change I am making! That transition phase is hard sometimes, but live it up!! Enjoy life with your hunny!! I love seeing all your house updates!! :)ReplyCancel

  • Em - That sounds like a perfect list of goals for August, since there’s so many things to get out and enjoy this month! :)ReplyCancel