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This past May I had the extreme honor of sharing some super special moments with my family. You might remember me sharing about it on GAP’s facebook… Both of my brothers became Dads just about a week apart. My oldest brother Aaron and his wife Heather (both of whom are in the Army) found out they were pregnant soon before they were scheduled to head separate ways to attend a military school, their Captains Career Course. While Aaron headed to a tiny town in Missouri, Heather was off to Columbia, SC (which at the time was only an hour and a half away from Derek and I in GA). Throughout the pregnancy Aaron made as many trips as he could to visit Heather and his growing babe. During one of those trips Derek and I were able to take maternity pictures for them!

Aaron had his plane ticket scheduled and purchased for the day before the due date, but 4 days early Heather went into labor. In a rush we (Heather, Lisa-her sister-, and I worked to get Aaron on a plane as soon as he could. It was a scramble, because the little town that Aaron was living in was about a 2 hour drive from the nearest airport, and that airport was so small that on most of the planes, someone would actually be sitting next to the pilot! It was a race against time to get Aaron to the hospital before the baby was born. There was many prayers and much waiting, but Aaron finally arrived with time to spare! The relief and joy on Heather’s face brings me to tears! Every baby is a miracle that God has given to their parents and to be a part of this birth was beyond words! In the next few weeks Aaron traveled many more times back and forth between SC and MO to attend school during the week and spend his weekend with his new family! The time of traveling is over and Aaron is finally at home for good with Heather and his sweet son! Aaron and Heather thank you so much for allowing me to share this special time with you! I love you both and I am so smitten with my nephew!!

On the phone trying to arrange a new flight for Aaron!Heather LOVES sparkles (as much as I do!!) Through her whole pregnancy, she wanted to have her nails painted during labor, in the perfect shade of sparkle, she had searched everywhere with no luck, and just days before going into labor we found it while at Ulta!To get through the pain of her contractions, Heather sang bible songs from when she was a little girl! She sang whatever she could think of at the time, and the song she sang the most was “I’ve got a river of life”He’s here!!! He’s here!!! He’s here!!!Check back next week for part 2 of this sweet boy’s first couple days of life!

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