My Favorite Things – Week 4


This is it!! The final giveaway!! I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has entered!! This has been such a fun month for me!!

Ok ok, let’s get to it!!

-Elf and How the Grinch Stole Christmas
These are two of my favorite movies! They keep me giggling the whole time!! I hope that you can enjoy them and giggle the whole way through too!

-Notebooks, notepad, and pens
I sort of collect notebooks and pens… I have a huge drawer full of them! Ever since I was little I have loved collecting pretty notebooks and fun pens!! Side note: the weirder the pen, the better, 2 of my favorites were a crab leg pen, it was not a real crab leg, but you could pull a little lever on the side that made the crab claw open, and a NYC taxi cab pen, not one that belonged to a taxi, but one shaped like a taxi!

-Glitter tape
I LOVE glitter – this is no secret – so when I saw this in Target’s One Spot I had to get it! I also love the one spot… It is where I spend most of my time when I’m in Target!!! So many fun adorable little goodies in there!!

-Essie Nail polish
As you may have read in week 1 of the giveaways or perhaps in my “Things I Like” posts… I love nail polish!! Essie is one of my favorite brands! These are two of my favorite colors – power clutch is a deep grey that is perfect for winter! And beyond cozy which is…a goldish/silverish glitter…but this is one of my favorite glitters ever!! It’s not one that is meant to go on top of another color… this is pure glitter!! and it is amazing!!

H20+ body wash & lotion
Years ago I was introduced to H20+ when a co-worker at the time gave me a bottle of their lotion! I love their stuff!! The company uses minerals and antioxidants from the ocean, and the company is dedicated to help with the restoration and preservation of our oceans. I use their body washes, face washes, and lotions! These are two of my favorite scents too, the orange is apricot-pêche and is a body soufflé (lotion), the green is ginger-citron and is a shower & bath treatment (body wash)! You will love adding these to your daily routine!!

-Ceramic mug
You might have heard me say it before, but I love mugs! I don’t drink coffee or tea, but I use mugs for everything, water, juice, milk… This mug is soo pretty and will make your morning coffee/tea/water/juice a bit happier!

Coffee Sleeve by Diana Meredith Designs
Diana is one of my best friends from Germany! We were next door neighbors, hung out basically every day, we had inside jokes (SHAMROCK!, Girls called girls), and had a secret handshake that I can still remember to this day, although if you saw it, I’m sure you would laugh at us! She is as sweet as can be and can crochet something fierce!! This coffee sleeve was hand made by her and she sells them in her Etsy shop, along with other items, like fingerless gloves, adorable boot cuffs, and precious baby hats & headbands!

Over the years my eyes have become very sensitive to sunlight, or maybe everyone’s eyes are just as sensitive but I am just now noticing how much mine are? Regardless I wear sunglasses all the time when I drive and am out and about, probably even when I don’t need to. So I love to have a cute funky pair! These are just that!! Look at how cute!! If you can’t see from the picture, those are little roses on them! You are gonna totally rock these funky, girly glasses!

-Polka Dot socks and Jewelry set from Forever 21
A few years ago I discovered Forever 21 and I was hooked!! They have super cute jewelry, super low prices, and if you notice on the bottom of most of their bags is printed “John 3:16” as a demonstration of the owner’s faith! I love socks, I can’t have enough! These socks are super cute and the polka dots make me happy! This jewelry set is cute, classy and can easily be paired with something casual or fancy!! This jewelry is gonna look fantastic on you!

Wreck This Journal
If you have never heard of this, I suggest clicking on the link! It will take you to the author’s website, you can read about all her other books there too, but the whole page is fun! (To read about this book specifically click here) This is such a fun notebook!! My brother introduced it to us, and it has been such a fun little time out break for D & I. We made a rule to never complete a without the other! It is so fun to go through and get creative on a different level than we normally think of!

8×10 Love Never Fails Print by Juliet Grace Designs
I LOVE Juliet’s work! Her handwriting is so beautiful and elegant! I have some of her work hanging up in my home and seeing it everyday makes me happy!! I have also had the honor of photographing some of her work when I went to the Branches & Light workshop earlier this year! This print will light up the room you hang it in! Love NEVER fails!

-‘Tis the Season Bowl
I love this cute little bowl!! I have two and my sweet little girls (Hubble & Phoebe) use them as their food bowls! They are my favorite furry girls so I had to add something special for your favorite fur-ball! However you can totally use it for you if you want, they weren’t sold as pet food dishes,  I just chose to use them like that so my girls could be festive too!

These are matroyshkas measuring cups!! Aren’t they the cutest!! I got them for Christmas a few years ago and they are perfect! I keep them out on my counter and every time I go into the kitchen, I just giggle when I see them! They are happy little nesting dolls that help me when I cook/bake! And you are going to LOVE cooking/baking with them!

-Thomas Kinkade 2014 Calendar
Every year growing up we would get a few traditional stocking stuffer gifts, and one of them was a calendar! So I thought it would be perfect to add this in! I LOVE Thomas Kinkade’s work!! I literally want to jump into every painting!! The scene that he sets is always so cozy and happy!! I watched a video of him painting his Twilight Cottage (if you skip to about 2 mins you can see him start to paint, it’s amazing how he sees a painting on a blank canvas)! He walks you through a bit of his thought process as he paints and it’s amazing to hear everything that he puts into each piece! Even from the type of canvas and what it looks like BEFORE he even starts to paint!! It gave me an even higher appreciation for his work!

Wow! So that is week 4!!! Are you ready to hear how to enter!?

To Enter:

Required Entry: (if I don’t see your name in the comments below, I won’t know to add your name to the list, so if you want to win make sure to do the required entry)

‘Like’ Green Anchor Photo on FB (you can click here to go right to our FB page), then comment on this post letting me know you did so (and what your name is on FB) and answer this fun Christmas question;

What is your favorite gift that you have ever given TO someone else (it could have been at Christmas or a just because gift)?

My favorite gift that I have ever given was more of a moment, but I know that the moment was a gift! (I cry every time I think about this!) Here is what I wrote about my favorite gift I’ve given

“After we floated around the room high on love we took our seats, but my dad stood up and took my mom’s hand. Nervously she said “Jim! What are you doing? They didn’t tell us to stand up.” But then she heard it and her eyes began to well. He led her to the middle of the room and with all eyes on them, they began to dance. While Johnny Mathis sang ‘chances are, your chances are awfully good’, I cried and watched my mom have her own First Dance. You see, 36 years ago on the day my parents were wed, they didn’t get to have a first dance and in all the years since, there wasn’t much opportunity to dance. My mom loves dancing, and my dad LOVES my mom. So we surprised her with this moment, where it was all about her and her love, the one God hand crafted for her! It was one of my favorite moments of the day, and it will remain one of my favorite moments I’ve ever experienced.”


You can also earn 2 bonus entries!! These entries are not required, but remember they won’t be accepted without the required entry.
1. Sharing about this giveaway on FB – but make sure to ‘tag’ Green Anchor Photo so I know you posted! (to do this, when you start typing type out the @ symbol first and then type our name ex. (@Green Anchor Photo) and our name should pop up)
2. Follow me on instagram @aubreyjeanne and share my image about the giveaway with the hashtag #gapmyfavoritethings and tag me in your post so I know you posted! (If your profile is private, I won’t be able to see your post, so make sure that your profile isn’t set to private)

I will pick the winner on Saturday Dec. 28th!! I can’t wait y’all!!

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  • Beth - Liked on Facebook. My favorite gift I’ve given was a book of wedding pictures to my parents. We has a really nice photo book made and they loved it.ReplyCancel

  • Diana M - I like your page and I love this roundup of gifts!! So many fun things! Okay…my favorite gift I’ve ever given…one year I crocheted a blanket for my grandmother. I think I gave it to her for her birthday, and at that point she was pretty sick (and had been for awhile). When she opened it, she was so amazed and appreciative and she immediately wrapped herself in it. She was so grateful for it that she told my mom to thank me every time she saw her. When people came over, she always told them that I had made it for her. It was so neat to see her appreciate that gift so much, when I had no idea it would mean that much to her. She kept it with her at all times and that was very special to me. :)ReplyCancel

  • Teresa Baldy - Liked on Facebook. The favorite gift I have given was Blankets and pillows I made for my grandchildren. They took them every where and loved them to shreds over the years.ReplyCancel

  • Charlotte Hines - Oh gosh this one is hard. My favorite gift I’ve ever given? This is really hard. I try very hard to make every gift meaningful, instead of frivolous. But my favorites are handmade. I’m not the craftiest person, but I do actually live taking the time to learn and create something special for someone. I’ll think a little more about my favorite. :)ReplyCancel

  • April - I love all the stuff you’re giving away!! Just liked your page on FB and started following you on instagram :) My favorite gift was a hand-made wooden jewelry box that I gave my mom! It’s still one of her favorite things :) Merry Christmas!!!ReplyCancel

  • Samantha - The gift that meant the most to give was a gold and silver cross given to someone in need of the Lords gift. It was back in 2010. It was given as a remjnder that gods loves his kids everyone of them.ReplyCancel

  • Samantha - Shared it wouldn’t let me tag..Merry Christmas Green Anchor Photo!!!ReplyCancel

    • Aubrey - Where did you share it? And what is your profile name there? I’ll look for it :) merry Christmas to you too!!ReplyCancel

  • Charlotte Hines - Shared on Facebook and Instagram. =)ReplyCancel

  • Kelly Hughes - The favorite gift I’ve ever given was a hand-made photo album to my now-fiance. He’s a burly military man, but there were tears in his eyes when he read through it :)

    I Liked on facebook! My name is Kelly Hughes (kellyeliz07)ReplyCancel

  • Alyssa - The best gift I’ve ever given was an oil painting of my niece to my brother and sister in law. It’s still sitting on their mantle 15 years later.ReplyCancel

  • Heather Koehn - First I just want to say that was such a beautiful gift that you gave to your parents! Reading that made me tear up!!

    I think the best gift that I have ever given to someone would have to be giving my son my Papaw’s (moms dad) name, Trose, as his middle name. I did not realize it at the time, but it has become so meaningful! My Papaw passed away two days before Christmas in 2007. I was lucky enough to have Skyler meet Papaw the year before on his first Christmas, but it saddens me that he will never truly know the amazing man that he was named after. My Mamaw (moms mom) loves watching Skyler grow up and pointing out how much he is like his Papaw! It is very special for my mom as well!ReplyCancel

  • Bobbi Stump - I would like to enter your contest Aubrey…Happy New Year!ReplyCancel

    • Aubrey - Awesome! All you have to do is ‘like’ Green Anchor Photo on Facebook, and then comment back here answering the question at the bottom of the blog post, and telling me you ‘liked’ us on Facebook. :)ReplyCancel

  • Victoria Caine - Liked on FB. My favorite gift I have ever given was an espresso maker for my husband. He is a big coffee fan and it was a nice one!ReplyCancel

  • Madelyn Towe - I liked your page. (:
    My name is Madelyn Towe…and I think my favorite gift I have ever given would be a smile. I’ve given many gifts, but none of the them have the same affect as a cheerful face…even if the person behind it (in this case, myself) isn’t feeling so cheerful. Just because your day may not be going right, doesn’t mean you can’t brighten someone else’s. Effort. That’s all it takes. (:ReplyCancel

  • Missy R - I like you on Facebook!

    My favorite gift I have ever given was a shadow box my husband and I handmade for my grandpa last year to hold his military medals, but his brothers medals as well. (His brother was MIA in the Vietnam war when he was only 18 years old.) My grandpa is a retired marine, very humble and doesn’t talk about the war much except with my husband (who is in the Air Force). We found his medals tucked away in their basement in broken boxes and not in a safe place. We surprised him with the special box for his birthday and he loved it so much, everyone was in tears :)ReplyCancel