January & 2014 Goals


WHAT!? It’s 2014!? I can hardly believe it y’all!! So much has happened in one year, it’s hard to believe it really was only one year!! Here is a little re-cap of my 2013 highlights

I started the year off in Georgia, just me and my main squeeze! We lived near my sister at the time, so we got to spend a lot of our weekends with her, (when you’re in the Army that is a rarity!) making some fun memories! I got to document so many beautiful weddings, births, home life sessions, and engagement sessions! We drove across country 2,500+ miles to our new home of Carson City! A month after getting settled in, I made a trip back East to be present for my nephews’ birth! We gained 2 nephews within the span of 6 days!! (And they are perfect!!) We planted a little garden in our backyard and got to enjoy fresh purple onions and tomatoes! They were soo delicious!! I can’t wait until we can grow some more!! We got to have our first guests stay in our guest room (we love having company!) and got to show them around our new town! We also did some exploring around our new town, finding the hidden gems, and learning all the good places to eat! We celebrated 4 totally life changing years of marriage! We got to watch super duper fireworks over Lake Tahoe! We hiked and saw beautiful landscapes! I got to visit my grandma and a few friends! We began re-decorating our house (changing up the style a bit) and I finally got our gallery wall hung!! I did some crafting for pieces around the house! Many chores were done! I began a journey to a healthier me (one that I am so excited to continue!) I began running, and truly enjoyed it! I baked a lot and cooked a lot! I laughed and I cried! We got to see our nephews grow up and start crawling and smiling and laughing and communicating! We experienced our first big snow (I think I heard that it was somewhere around 10 inches!) and I shoveled for the first time in my adult life (I say that, because I spent some of my childhood around snow, so I may have shoveled back then, and if so it wasn’t really effective I’m sure)! We went on our first cruise, where we went to the Bahamas and I got to hug and kiss a sea lion named Maggie! She was too cute!! We celebrated a relaxed and quiet Christmas with my grandma and then got to witness my mother-in-love get engaged to a wonderful man! We ended our last night of 2013 quietly at home, just the two of us and our little fur-girls!

2014 is already proving to be pretty amazing and I can’t wait to see what all it has in store!!

December came and went way too quickly! I completed most of my goals! As much as I wanted to exercise, I thoroughly enjoyed the break and am very excited to get back into my routine!

-Have my first Giveaway!!! (it starts tomorrow y’all!!! Make sure to check back here to get all the info!)
-Exercise 4 times a week even if it’s just a quick walk/jog around the neighborhood
-Go on our first cruise!
-Finish our Christmas shopping & cards and get them out before Dec. 15th
-Celebrate Christmas with my Grandma!

2013 goals – This was my first year of setting a yearly and monthly goals for myself, and I have to say I am proud that even though I didn’t accomplish each goal every month, I still stuck with it, and continued to set goals for myself!

-12 in 12 – I have heard the name before from others and I love the idea! One book in one month – very doable. ->(I got 3 books read, but during the move and all of the busyness that happened after the moved, I got off track and didn’t pick it back up, it was tough though – trying to come up with a plan for getting enough pages in each day to get the whole thing read in the month)
-Be more organized
-Drink more water -> I drank more water than I usually did, but it is still a work in progress
-Exercise more/eat less
-Meal plan weekly (even for days that I know we won’t be at home – I would like to still have a plan on what that night will look like) -> I meal planned, but not every week – this is something I would like to get better at though
-Wake up earlier, go to bed earlier
-Write in my Q&A a day journal
-Keep in touch with family and friends better – with handwritten letters and birthday/anniversary cards -> This too is a work in progress, but I am well on my way!!
-Less TV and more quality time -> we are working on this…
-Be intentional in documenting my own life and memories

2014 Goals

-Social media free weekends
-Reach my goal weight
-Drink more water
-Run a 5k
-Get involved at church
-Find a cleaning schedule that works for me and implement it (If you have one that works for you, I’d love it if you shared it with me!)
-More handwritten letters!
-Continue to be intentional with documenting our own life
-Get books made of our years
-Get an album of our wedding made
-Continue the home re-decoration

January Goals

-Document sweet Zoey’s birth
-Do 1 Home Life session
-Get back into my exercise routine starting with 3 days a week
-Blog once a week
-Take in our fur-girls to the vet for check-ups
-Start research for a cleaning schedule

Well there it is… I am excited to take on this year and make some awesome memories!!! What are your goals for this year and this month? Share them with me below!!

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