March Goals


March!? Already!? When did this happen!? February was good. I think my head was still in the clouds a bit, but I got a lot accomplished (even if it wasn’t everything from February’s goals) and I am super ready to tackle March! It’s starting to get a bit warmer, which is getting me excited for this summer (we hope to go camping a few times!). I successfully went through the house (minus a couple small areas) and cleared all the clutter, I got rid of a bunch of stuff that had just been sitting around and donated it, and even though it might not look like a lot was done, I can feel it and it feels good! I plan to do this again later this year to go through the things I couldn’t get rid of this time around and see if I still NEED to keep it!
I got back into exercising, and boy did I miss it! Each morning when I struggle with motivation I need to remind myself of how awesome I feel after my workouts!!
I also started a bit of ‘spring cleaning’ over here in Green Anchor Photo. Simplifying things, and doing a bit of sprucing up, I’m excited to show you what I’ve been working on!!


March Goals

-Finish all editing
-Blog 2 sessions
-DRINK WATER (at least 48oz a day)
-Exercise 3 days a week
-Schedule Home Life session

Have you set any goals for this month? Share them with me below!!

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