may goals & a giveaway!!

may goals

First… Welcome to the NEW Green Anchor Photo! I am so excited to share this with you today! I have been working hard on this and I hope you just find yourself at home here! Please take a look around visit all the links, there are so many fun things tucked away through out the website! You can head over to the home page by clicking here (or the home button up top) to read more about me and why I do what I do, learn about some of my favorite things, and see a few videos of my favorites (D, hubbs, and phoebe). You can also read about my Tuesday list, get info about what’s in my bag, and read about the different stories I shoot.

In addition to new branding, I have new packaging (stay tuned next week for that blog post), and my focus is going to change a little bit. In the past my main focus was on weddings.

Over the past year and a half I have been working on a project that, at the time, I thought was just for me, but I quickly realized that my heart lies here.
Home Life. Which you may have seen a little bit of from me already. Home life is real life. It’s what happens every day all around us, when we aren’t looking. We can get so caught up in the mundane every day life, that we forget that it’s not mundane, it is so special, so important, and so authentic! For home life sessions I come into your home and live with you for the day, and just capture real life. No poses, no agenda, no special outfits, just real authentic life. I want to see bed head, and pajamas, and messy faces at dinner time, brushing teeth and bed time sillies and bed time stories. This isn’t just for those of you that have kids. Life gets busy no matter what! I live for the mornings where I can sleep in and cuddle with my sweet Derek and we can make breakfast together and do chores together, it’s not glamorous or fancy or even a little bit put together, but it’s what I live for, because it’s us, it’s real life! So if it’s just you and your beloved, I want to capture those real, not glamorous, authentic moments for you too, in your home, just doing life together.

Last year I had the honor of documenting brand new life. It was amazing! Totally life changing!
The Sweetest Gift. You have seen some of this already also. I am so overjoyed to offer this to you. The birth of your sweet little one is such a miracle and such a gift from God and to be able to document this for you, is just humbling!

And I of course will still be doing weddings! I am thrilled to offer these 2 new sessions to you! To get more info on these or to book, click the contact button above!

Y’all! April was one of the most productive months I’ve had this year and it PUMPED ME UP!! We are starting to get into busy season and I am just so excited!!

April Goals

shoot home life
blog 2 sessions
have craft day with Harmony
take a trip to Ikea (yay IKEA!)
order a new battery for my film camera
get our garden ready for planting! (we grew a few vegetables last year, and we are so excited to grow some again this year)

I totally owned my monthly goals, I shot the Hilderbrand’s home life session which you can look for later this month, I blogged 2 sessions, craft day was a success! Harmony made a skirt, I made some bracelets, and we both made scarves! Our Ikea trip was a successful one! We found what we were looking for (a dresser) and we didn’t go over our budget! I got the battery for my film camera, and I even got some more film! I can’t wait to start shooting!! You may be seeing this at your sessions, I plan to bring it along and snag a few shots at each session to help practice! Our garden is free of all the dandelions and weeds and is ready for seeds! I even got a couple extra things done, some major cleaning in a couple rooms, some new decorating pieces hung up, and I organized a few different areas of my life! Yay! Man I am so fired up for this next month!

May Goals

-Vegas trip
-Shoot 2 Home Life sessions
-Practice with my film camera at each Home Life
-Attend the Military Ball
-Spend some much needed quality time with my favorite Kari
-Blog 4 times
-Clean out my phone
-Plant seeds in the garden!
-Cut Hubble’s hair

Phew! It’s going to be a busy month! But I’m so excited!! What are your goals for this month!?

I have one last thing for you!! To celebrate the launch of the new brand, I am giving away the beautiful amazonite stone bracelet, and two water color paintings below! To enter head over to our facebook page and “like” green anchor photo and then comment here telling me that you like our page and what your name is on fb! The winner will be picked on Monday


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