July Goals


June was good! I got to visit family and play with a couple of my nephews! Lots of traveling, picture taking, and fun having!!

I didn’t get to accomplish all of my goals because of a couple unexpected trips that have kept me away from home and on the go for most of the month. My grandmother fell at the beginning of the month, right before my brother and I were planning a trip to visit her. Because I am within driving distance, I came a week earlier to help her around the house and to get ready for my brother and sister-in-love’s trip. After their visit, I went home for about 4 days and then flew back to my grandmother’s to help her while my aunt is out of town.

-Exercise 4-5 days a week – when I was at home I was working out everyday, but since I’ve been out of town (I am still out of town) I haven’t had the opportunity to get much exercise
Trip to California to visit family
Blog 4 times – well not 4 but 3
Complete the Portrait Welcome Packets
Be intentional about using my film camera! – yes! I loved playing around with the film! I am currently doing a little personal challenge with a couple disposable cameras
-Get supplies for building our own throwing target – this was not completed or even started because of being out of town
-Continue practicing my throwing – same with this one.
-Go through my list and start some of my summer craft projects – and this one :(

I am ready for some summer fun! Trips to the lake, camping, hiking, yay!

July Goals

-Watch the fireworks on the lake with my grandma
-Complete my personal challenge with the disposable cameras
-Get back on track with exercise and eating
-Hang up the rest of our frames on the gallery wall
-Start one summer craft
-Go hiking
-Spend a whole weekend doing absolutely nothing with my sweet Derek (soaking each other in)

That is it for July. What are your goals? Share them in the comments below!

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