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June already!? We are half way through this year and I’m almost half way through the deployment (that is a rough-hopeful estimate however) May was fun! I got to visit family and spend time playing with my niece and nephew! I also got to spend some wonderful time with a very dear friend! During my visits we had picnics, went to the zoo, played in the pool, saw helicopters, and I flew a plane!! It was awesome!

May Goals
Launch the new GAP! (YAY! If you are reading this, then it’s already done, but I still had to put it on my list :) go check it out ) – CHECK!! :) So excited about this!
Visit family – done!
Visit friends – done!
Yard work (mow the lawn and trim some bushes) – I got the bushes trimmed, unfortunately I can’t get the mower started – however I hired someone to come mow it yay!
Document two home life narratives – done and done!
Drink water! – I’m still working on this, I set alarms through out the day though to help me remember to drink!
Do the recycling – I got this half way done … I have paper recycling still to do.
-Clean out the office – this didn’t get done :/

I have a lot to do in June but I’m so excited for it all! :)

June Goals
-Visit Friends and vlog!
-Send birthday package
-Gather items and price them for garage sale
-Start 30 day ab challenge
-Edit pictures
-Edit video
-Work on vlog (I vlogged one of my trips, not very well, but I’d like to try my hand at it more)
-Try a new recipe/food
-Shoot a home life
-Practice video
-Practice with film

What goals have you set for this month?

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