Twelve years ago my life got infinately better. This precious man and I began a lifelong journey together of being awesome and inseparable. I can't imagine life without this gem of a human being!!

8. 8 years ago this stud stood at the end of the grassy aisle waiting to take my hand and my heart forever. On that day he promised his love and support, through all the hard times and all the good times. In those 8 years we've learned so much about life, love, and each other. We have struggled through many things and we have triumphed through many things. Things have changed and things have stayed the same. And I never thought that life, as hard and unfair as it can be sometimes could be as awesome, sweep me off my feet, and basically just rocked as hard as it has with this gem of a man standing beside me. Thank you for all the adventures we've gone on, places we've seen, and things we've done! Thank you for giving me such a full life, for these unbelievable years you've given me and for being so dedicated to us. I love you forever and beyond!

Here is to a billion more forevers with you Mr. Petersen! You are my very favorite everything!