My favorite little pup will be 11 years old this year! Sweet hubbs, you have taught me patience, love, humility. You have been there for me through the hardest of times and through the best of times, you have let me cry on your shoulder, hug you tight, kiss your cute little ears, dance with you around the house! You don't laugh at my singing, and you are always overjoyed when I get home. You are one of my favorite things in this life and I am eternally grateful for everything you are. I only pray that you know how deeply, greatly and wholly you are cherished and loved! Thank you for being my sweet little bear.


I have been afraid of cats since I was a young girl. But when we got this sweet girl four years ago she was just a little 9 week old kitten, she was the runt of the litter and was sick because of what the family we got her from had been feeding her. She was the cuddliest sweetest little thing and still remains to this day. When it gets close to bed time she comes to us and will tap us on the arm with her sweet little paw and meow asking to climb inside of our shirt so she can cuddle. I am soo thankful for everything she has taught me. Phoebe, you fill my heart and life with joy and I pray that you feel just as much happiness as you have brought to us!